PegLeg Audio is one guy - my name is Joe, and ages ago I was a production major in college. I worked full time in "the business" for years, as Technical Director for the Weinberg Center in Frederick MD. I personally oversaw  more than 300 shows a season, running the lights, sound, rigging, construction, and any other technical aspect of the shows. 

Then...I burned out. 300 shows a season? Is a LOT of shows!!

I moved to the world of "The Day Job", cut my hair, and became...nearly respectable. But I always missed doing production work. Years later, a friend of a friend asked me to come see their band play. "Sure", I figured, I could use a night out. Turns out the band was really good - great stage presence, nice set lists, good musicians - but the audio was lacking. I turned a couple knobs that night...and got asked if I could do their shows full time from there out. I picked up a second band. Started accumulating gear because band #2 didn't have a PA. It snowballed...and now I have a full, modern PA system. Compact, loud, and lightweight (always nice at 3am when loading out of the bar!). Any show I do...*I* do. I don't hire a staff, or pawn gigs off on other people...because there ARE no other people here. I still have my day job; gotta pay the bills! This is my hobby, it's my excuse to go out and have some fun, and if PegLeg is there...I'm at the controls. The only thing a band needs to bring is instruments, and if they want, personal vocal mics and in-ear monitor earbuds (any stereo 1/8" earbuds will work with my wireless IEM belt packs). I've got the rest. It's small, it's lightweight, it won't block sightlines and it won't clutter up the stage. My entire rig...fits in an 8' pickup truck bed, under the tonneau cover. But...it'll still fill any room around with high-quality sound!

If you're at a show, look for green - all my gear is marked with bright green tape! If you see it on the mics, stands, speakers, or cables...come out front and say hi!

Current "regular" clients:

Guys In Thin Ties (www.guysinthinties.com)

Triple Lindy (www.triplelindytheband.com)

What's Up Frederick (www.whatsupfrederick.com)

Recent / recurring venues I work in:

RIO Gaithersburg (outdoor summer concert series)

Union Jack's, Gaithersburg

​Greene Growlers, Gaithersburg MD

Dominic's Bar and Grille, Monrovia, MD

Perry's Restaurant, Odenton, MD

The American Legion FSK Post 11, Frederick MD - bar, and "the big room"

Olde Towne Tavern, Frederick MD

Cactus Flats, Frederick MD

Dutch's Daughter (3rd floor), Frederick MD

Champions Bar and Grill, Frederick MD

Bushwallers, Frederick MD

Blue Sky Bar, New Market MD​

Monkey La-La, Frederick MD

Barefoot Bernie's, Hagerstown MD

Alive @ Five / Carroll Creek, Frederick MD

Bentz Street Sports Bar, Frederick MD

Ceresville Mansion (outdoors), Frederick MD

Frederick Elk's Club

Walkersville fairgrounds

​New Market Carnival

Mt Airy fairgrounds

Libertytown fairgrounds

Thurmont fairgrounds

Springfield Winery

Linganore Winery

American Legion - Boonsboro

Brunswick Fire Hall

Urbana Fire Hall