Outdoor stage in use at Walkersville Fire Hall

Springfield Manor with Triple Lindy.

A nice, quiet night at RIO Gaithersburg, with Guys In Thin Ties

A note about the gig photos:

I do not travel with lighting.

I'm lucky enough to work regularly with bands and venues who carry their own stage lighting. I bring the audio gear - that's my focus, and that's what I work with during your gig.

No distractions, one task only - give you, and your audience, the best-sounding show possible.

Need a stage? No problem. The trailer has a nice big awning for shade, and a 15,000 BTU air conditioner for between sets.

The calm before the storm.

All of this is in loving memory of my father. I miss you, dad !

On the left: (six) Sennheiser in-ear monitors in a 6U rack case.

On the right: Presonus 32R rackmount mixer, with UPS and WiFi router, in its 4U rack case - that's the WHOLE THING, and I run it from my iPad Mini4 (shown leaning against the IEM case).  I don't take up much real estate, either on stage or out front!

Nice, small, POWERFUL equipment.