(Standard system):

  • ​Presonus StudioLive Series III 32R rackmount 32-channel digital mixer
  • 34-input, 32-channel, 16 monitor outputs + L/R mains
  • Full tablet control, no FOH desk, completely wireless and SMALL!
  • Lives onstage in a 4U roadcase with a 200W UPS good for 48 min - it is it's own snake
  • Full support of Presonus QMix-UC onstage monitor control for musicians
  • EV LiveX ELX-112P 12" 2-way powered loudspeakers - 50 Hz - 20kHz range, 1000W built-in class D amplifier, biamped with 24dB/octave crossover, switchable hi-pass, pole-mounted on subs (qty: 2)
  • EV LiveX ELX-118P powered 18" subwoofers - 32Hz - 130Hz response, 700w (nominal), single 18" driver (qty: 2)
  • Peavey 110p powered 10" 2-way stage monitors (qty: 2)
  • Sennheiser 300 IEM G2 in-ear monitors (qty: 6)
  • HotSpot wireless in-ear monitors (qty: 4) (backups)
  • Assorted XLR, 1/4", and adaptor cables
  • Shure Beta series drum kit mic set - (2) Beta 52A kick, (1) Beta 56A floor tom, (3) Beta 56A rack toms, (1) Beta 56A snare
  • Shure PG81 overhead mics (qty:2)
  • Assorted Shure wired vocal mics (Shure Beta58, PG58, SM58, Beta87C, and SM57)
  • Assorted vocal boom stands; instrument short stands; kit mic rim clamps

  • (Large outdoor system, when equipment is available and not being used by Whats Up Frederick):
  • ​In addition to the above, we have access to (4) KF850 loudspeakers, (4) SB850 subwoofers, processors, and QSC amps


  • Digital backups / studio gear:
  • Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 24-channel digital production console (large backup)
    Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 16-channel digital production console (small backup)
    EWI 24x8 100' audio snake, reel-mounted, Neutrik connectors (when backup consoles are required)

  • Analog backups:
  • Mackie Onyx 24.4 24-channel analog console
  • DBX 166XL stereo / dual-mono compressor/limiter/gate (qty:2)
  • Behringer UltraGraph Pro stereo 15-band graphic EQ with FBQ Feedback Detection for monitor channels (qty:3)
  • Behringer UltraGraph Pro stereo 32-band graphic EQ with FBQ for FOH mains (qty:1)
  • Mackie CR1604 16-channel / 4 aux analog mixing console (qty:2)

MacBook Pro 13 with Presonus Capture, Studio One Artist, and Universal Control software for full multi-track recording and mastering capability when used with any of my StudioLive mixers, as well as on-stage monitor control for musicians with an Android, iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad with the Presonus QMix-UC software (free from the App Store or Play Store)!

Give me an extra 15 minutes at load-in to give your wireless device access to my company WiFi network...and YOU control what you hear on stage!!  You get a simple bar graph screen - every channel has a bar. Touch and lift, the volume for that channel goes up. Touch and lower, it goes down. Simple, even when you're playing instruments! That gives you exactly what you need to hear, and it lets me worry about what the crowd is hearing - giving EVERYBODY an awesome show!